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We invite comparison. Our Service Plans are based on your local utility supplier:


Indiana Contract (pdf file)

Michigan Contract  (pdf file)

Our Only Business is Energy Service

While others can serve you gas, ICE Solutions can serve you with savings!

ICE Solutions will save you money today on your natural gas energy purchase. Plus, and maybe more important, we will help you save money year-in and year-out. During our relationship, you will be able to make informed decisions to constantly position your residential and/or industrial or commercial company to remain successful. ICE Solutions customers are successful because we provide:

  • Information you need to save money.
  • Guaranteed reliable service.
  • Give clear explanations of how the energy industry serves you or your company.
  • Accurate, timely information of what is effecting the market and your account.
  • Services on how and when technology should be used to save you or your company money.